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Can You Have Glasses In Prison?

Learning that you are going to need glasses to correct your vision wasn’t always accepted in popular and fashionable circles. The times have changed as more and more people are choosing to take an active...

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Can You Study In Prison?

The theory of time is very different in prison than in the free World. The topic of conversation in prison is the same day in and day out, time. Dates and time rule everything in...

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How Can a Prisoner Change Their Cellmate?

Imagine having to live in an 8×8 room with a stranger.  Only this stranger has committed, god only knows what crimes.  Could you deal?  Prisoners have said that you are basically living in a bathroom. ...

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Can You Get Life In Prison for Weed?

Recreational marijuana use is now legal in 11 states. It is legal for medicinal use in 33 states. In many of these areas, marijuana use is less frowned upon than single use plastics. Prior to...

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Can You Wear Makeup In Prison?

Makeup has been a timeless staple for women around the world, making it a billion-dollar industry, its presence spawning drugstore brands like Covergirl or L’Oreal to cult favorites such as Tom Ford and Armani. Makeup...

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