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3 Issues That Plague The Justice System [Opinion]

It may appear strange to consider criminals and their rights. However, not all humans are alike, and neither are their sentences. There are people in prison who hope to one day be released and return...

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Can You Dip In Prison?

Smokers account for a sizable proportion of those facing incarceration. With smoking being an inmate’s first desire for stress relief, it’s understandable that they’d be upset by a new tobacco ban. Things that people are...

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How To to Survive In A Prison? [Secret Revealed]

When a person receives a prison sentence from a judge, the first thought that comes to mind is, “How am I going to make it in prison?” When the gavel drops and the individual is...

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Can You Drink In Prison? (Correct Answer)

Alcohol consumption in prison has been a hot topic. Everyone wants to know if drinking is permitted. With the proliferation of television shows depicting various aspects of prison life, the desire to learn more has...

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Can You Shave In Prison? (Correct Answer)

Shaving is something that all free people take for granted. There is unrestricted access to all types of equipment and accessories to ensure that your body hair is exactly how you want it. However, when...

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Can You Get a Degree In Prison? (Correct Answer)

Receiving an education while incarcerated has resulted in significant changes in inmates’ risk of reoffending and returning to prison. Inmates are finding it easier to re-establish themselves as they reintegrate into society thanks to prison...

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