Can You Tour a Prison?

For those who do not have much knowledge of correctional facilities, touring a prison is a great way to better understand how prisons function. In recent years, many TV shows and movies have included prisons in their storylines – further increasing the demand for tours.

So, can you tour a prison?

In this blog post, we will discuss:

  • How to tour a prison.
  • What is part of the tour?
  • Why some prisons prohibit tours.
  • How to intern or work at a prison after a tour.

How to Tour a Prison?

The first step to touring a prison is first knowing if tours are allowed. Some States prohibit tours for safety reasons, as well as the disruption they cause. Prisons are where people live, and having random persons just showing up to “take a look” can cause major problems within the facility, for both the staff and the inmates themselves. read more

Can You Volunteer in a Prison?

Thousands of people volunteer in prisons across the United States every year. Volunteering in a prison is a popular way for people to give back to their community, as well as helping those in need.

Yes. Volunteering in prison is allowed.

There are many different ways you can get involved and volunteer in a prison; from tutoring to helping inmates prepare for interviews, volunteer opportunities are plentiful in correctional facilities.

In this blog we will talk about.

  • How to start volunteering in prison
  • What volunteer opportunities exist
  • Lack of volunteers in prisons, why?
  • Qualifications needed to start volunteering
  • How volunteers can further get involved

How to Start Volunteering in Prison.

If you are looking for a meaningful way to change someone’s life, volunteering in a prison may be perfect for you. Prisons rely on volunteers to provide services that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Later in this article we will touch on the different volunteer services that exist and which one may be best for you, but for now we are going to discuss how you can get started. read more

What is Sleeping in Prison Like?

Sleeping in prison is one of the biggest adjustments new inmates are forced to make; they soon find themselves on a very strict sleep schedule. Sleeping in prison carries a different experience for every inmate, but one thing is for certain, it is not the most comfortable.

In this blog post, we will discuss the following topics:

  • What is an inmate’s sleep schedule like?
  • What are the sleeping conditions for an inmate?
  • Do inmates have the option to “sleep away the time”?
  • How can inmates have better sleep?

What does an Inmate’s sleep schedule look like?

If often comes as a rude awakening to many new inmates to learn that they will be put on a timely schedule; from when inmates eat to when they get their exercise, all of their actions are scheduled and planned out in advance. Sleeping has its place in the schedule and it rarely changes. read more

Can You Work In Prison?

There are many different jobs for inmates to take up during their sentence in prison; from food prep to laundry, there are a lot of jobs across many different industries that inmates can perform. Working in prison is something that millions of prisoners do; either for the motivation of having some extra money in their commissary account, or just to stay busy, working in prison is quite common.

In this article we will touch on the following topics:

  • Working conditions for prisoners.
  • How much do prisoners get paid?
  • Do inmates get any privileges from working?
  • How do inmates get a job?
  • What do inmates do for work?

Working Conditions for Prisoners

In recent years, working conditions for prisoners has decreased to an unbearable level; a level that has even caused nationwide prison protests and hundreds of thousands of prisoners to go on strike. Many prisoners have come forward to describe their working conditions and treatment as “slave labor”. read more

Can You Draw In Prison?

Drawing in prison has been credited by many former inmates as a life saver. Many inmates see artistic expression, more specifically drawing, as an escape from their current situation. Drawing is allowed at most prisons in the United States, some prisons even offer art classes for their inmates.

In this blog post, we will answer the following questions:

  • How do prisoners get art supplies?
  • Why is drawing so popular in prison?
  • Are there any restrictions on drawing?
  • What does an art program at a prison look like?

How do prisoners get art supplies?

Every prison in the United States has their own store, this store is called “the commissary”. The commissary is located within the correctional facilities’ walls and contains products ranging from snacks and treats, to dental floss. Inmates are able to purchase items from the commissary with money from family or friends, or any money they earn inside. read more

Can You Marry In Prison?

Prison is one of the last places people imagine romance occurring; dating while behind bars is very difficult, so getting married while locked up may seem like an impossible task. The saying “love has no boundaries” comes into full effect when dealing with marriage in prison.

In this blog post, we will cover:

  • How to get married in prison
  • Can inmates marry each other?
  • Do prisoners get to have a wedding?
  • Can inmates get divorced while in prison?

How to get Married while in Prison.

Getting married in prison is possible and allowed. Every state has their own set of procedures for allowing marriage to take place, both in prison and out.

In the state of Michigan for example, the non-prisoner must contact the Chaplain within the prison via a letter, describing his/her intent to get married, as well as all of the information on the prisoner (such as the prisoners name and ID number). After the initial contact has been made by the non-prisoner, the inmate in question will be required to write a similar letter to the Chaplain. This letter should include the inmate’s intentions and motivations for getting married, as well as any information on the wedding the two wishes to have. read more

Can You Vote In Prison?

In the United States, voting is something a majority of Americans take immense pride in doing. Voting is a way for citizens to voice their opinion and determine the direction the country will go in. Do prisoners have a voice? Do they get to be part of the conversation?

In this blog we will cover:

  • Are prisoners allowed to vote?
  • How does voting work in prison?
  • Are there any restriction on prisoners for voting?
  • Do inmates vote?
  • The Political Conflict

Prisoners are Allowed to Vote, Sometimes.

The right for prisoners to vote has been the center of many debates and has caused a fair amount of upheaval. Every state has different rules regarding a prisoner right to vote, if they can vote at all, and how they conduct their votes. read more

Can You Read In Prison?

Reading is a classic pastime; reading allows for someone to dive into another world, read up on current events, or explore a topic that interests them. Reading is widely credited with helping individuals reach their dreams and increase their knowledge; so, with that being said, is reading allowed in prison?

Prisons do more than allow reading, they encourage it.

In this article, we will cover the following topics:

  • Why do prisoners read in the first place?
  • How do inmates get the books they want?
  • Do convicts get to own books?
  • Are there restrictions for inmates when it comes to reading?
  • How do prison libraries work?

Why do Prisoners Read?

The reason a prisoner chooses to read varies person to person, but the general consensus by correctional facility officials is that prisoners read because it offers them an escape; reading offers prisoners a place to take their thoughts that are outside the institution. When an inmate has nothing to focus on, time moves very slowly. It can be a soul crushing experience to have nothing to look forward to. Reading fills the void of time for many prisoners, reading offers hope. read more

Can You Have A TV In Your Prison Cell?

The idea of being able to watch TV in prison sounds both far-fetched and ideal. Time goes by much faster for inmates if they are able to stay entertained, and what a better way to stay entertained than by watching TV?

In this blog post, we will cover.

  • Are prisoners allowed to watch TV?
  • Can prisoners have a TV in their cell?
  • Are there any restrictions on what inmates can watch?
  • How do inmates get a TV?
  • Benefits of watching TV in prison.

Are Prisoners are Allowed to Watch TV.

Many correctional facilities across the United States have televisions in common areas in prisons. It is not uncommon to find a group of inmates watching their favorite show. TV is a pastime nearly every American is familiar with, even if you don’t watch television, you are aware of the entertainment value it brings to others. read more