Correctional Facilities In Maryland

This is a list of state prisons in Maryland. It does not include federal prisons or county jails located in the state of Maryland.

Baltimore City Correctional Center, Baltimore (operating capacity 500 inmates)
Baltimore City Detention Center (formerly historic Baltimore City Jail – established and constructed 1801, re-constructed 1858-1859, gutted, re-constructed and added wings, 1959-1965)
Baltimore County Detention Center (formerly historic Baltimore County Jail)
Baltimore Pre-Release Unit, Baltimore (capacity 201)
Brockbridge Correctional Facility – Jessup
Chesapeake Detention Facility (previously the Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center – also formerly known as “Super Max”) – Baltimore (leased to U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Prisons for detention of federal prisoners)
Eastern Correctional Institution – Princess Anne, Somerset County
Eastern Pre-Release Unit – Princess Anne, Somerset County (capacity 180)
Maryland Correctional Institution – Hagerstown (constructed mid-1930s as third institution and initially served as penal farm)
Jessup Correctional Institution – Jessup
Maryland Correctional Institution – Jessup, Jessup
Maryland Correctional Institution for Women – Jessup
Maryland Correctional Training Center – Hagerstown (capacity 2800)
Metropolitan Transition Center – Baltimore (formerly historic Maryland Penitentiary, established 1811)
North Branch Correctional Institution – Cumberland, opened 2003 (capacity 1399)
Patuxent Institution – Jessup
Poplar Hill Pre-Release Unit (capacity 180)
Roxbury Correctional Institution – Hagerstown
Southern Maryland Pre-Release Unit (capacity 180)
Western Correctional Institution – Cumberland (adjacent to North Branch Correctional Institution, opened in the early 1980s)

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