Month: February 2020

Can You Have Glasses In Prison?

Learning that you are going to need glasses to correct your vision wasn’t always accepted in popular and fashionable circles. The times have changed as more and more people are choosing to take an active role in their health. The times of feeling like part of a secret society have adapted to become a new type of standard acceptance. The simplicity that comes from correcting vision issues is outstanding. Many can simply wear prescription glasses or obtain reading glasses to help lessen the strain placed on the eyes. read more

Can You Study In Prison?

The theory of time is very different in prison than in the free World. The topic of conversation in prison is the same day in and day out, time. Dates and time rule everything in prison.How long is your sentence? When will you see parole?

With all the dates that occupy your mind, there is also a way to break up the monotony of life within the prison walls. As part of the rehabilitation program that prison strives to achieve is the treatment of inmates. Educational programs are high on the list.

With the prison system designed with the theory that rehabilitation is possible and to make positive changes in an inmate’s life now that will affect how they live their lives once released. Equipping inmates with new skills and educational opportunities  might be the thing they need to walk the straight and narrow upon release. read more