How Can a Prisoner Change Their Cellmate?

Imagine having to live in an 8×8 room with a stranger.  Only this stranger has committed, god only knows what crimes.  Could you deal?  Prisoners have said that you are basically living in a bathroom.  This area contains your toilet as well as your bed and everything for your day to day living.

As a prison inmate, this is your living situation for the course of your stay in prison.  During this time, you really have no choice in your cellmate. Or could there be a way to change this?

What is the process of changing a cellmate?  A prisoner can always ask for a cell change, which would be safer than asking for a new cellmate.  They need to be ready to give a full explanation of why it would be necessary.  One way to ensure a cell change is to get into a fight with your cell partner. Many times, this could be the only way to get the transfer. read more